Friday, June 26, 2009

fresh spring look for summer 09

This is a fresh spring look, its cute, and beautiful!

1. green eyeshadow with a tint of black
2. peachy blush
3. dark gray eyeliner
4. light black mascara
5. a reddish, pinkish lipstick with clear gloss

Its cute, fresh, girly look says "young"!

Cute Barbie Makeup Look

This makeup looks cute, fresh, and summer 09:

1. pink and gray eyeshadow, with a light pink
2. fake eyelashes with mascara
3. black eyeliner
4. lots of pink blush
5. hot pink lipstick with clear gloss
6. eyebrow pencil

Its really cute!! i love this pic

Thursday, June 18, 2009

song: paper gangsta

This lady gaga song is Soooooo good! It's called "Paper Gangsta", and it is really good. listen, enjoy, and comment!

ballet dancers video

ballet dancers videos. from now on i'll be posting alot of music videos, short films, bio videos, and more. enjoy!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

the best music singers

okay, so i'm making a list of the best music artists, and my faves. i hope they would be your faves too:
Frank Sinatra:
a very good jazz singer. if you love romantic jazzy songs, then he's the best for that. he also makes great christmas songs as well. he was a 1950's jazz singer, i don't think he is alive, or is he?? anyway he just makes alot of good jazz songs, good for cocktail parties and stuff, just really cool.

Britney Spears:
okay, not the best role model (since she shaved her head) but she makes REALLY good songs, i think. have you ever heard of "toxic", "opps i did it again", and "if you seek amy"?? they are super-cool songs. as music "critic" on this post, i do think she is #1 for song listening i do think she's the best. and, her music videos are cool, so watch her music videos also!

Lady Gaga:
she is the BEST of all pop singers. okay, "poker face"??? no one could sing that better then her. okay, maybe her personal life (not her song) is getting a bit crazy (why does she wear leotards in public?) but, i am a fan of her music, and i love her bow of hair! its cute, crazy... but cute. anyway, listen to her music, watch her music videos, and just gasp... she is a great singer.

Beyonce Knowels
okay, she is the top singers #3. since she made "halo" sound beautiful and "all the single ladies" refreshing and fun, she deserves the credit. i love most of her songs, and her music videos are nice and like short films. (ever watched the music video "if a were a boy"? oh! so touching!) anyway, i think she is a good singer (not higher then Lady Gaga, but close). she deserves to be in the top 3.

anyway, if i find anymore that seem interesting, then i'll post them. intil then, ta-ta!