Monday, March 30, 2009

nature inspired furniture

totally nature, inside your house! this solid wood vanity vessel with sink and mirror is the perfect match for this bamboo solid frame kingston 5x7 is chic and nature-roo for any gal with a bit of tropicalness in her. i found these gems on ebay so if anyone would want to see these gals then do this: for the vanity, type in the search bar "wood vanity" and its the first thing, for the frame, just type in "bamboo photo frame" and scroll just a bit down and you'll find it. ya know, i'm not the nature type, but i just found these, and i loved them, and i thought of sharing the love around (ya know?!) so keep shop'in, and i'll be posting soon bye!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Fashion spotlight: sweaters and cardigans

of course everyone knows about sweaters and cardigans, that i will be talking of right now. and, we all know, sweaters and cardigans can be worn by any gender. but, the females wear the fluffy ones. and, sweaters can be worn with anything, that includes dresses, pants, skirts, blouses, scarves, anything. even pj's (ok, let's not get that far...) but, you do have to agree, sweaters and cardigans are everything in a outfit. even when you have a shawl, its still chic. well, meanwhile, in my later posts, i'll tell more about sweaters and cardigans and show you photos. but right now, i'm kinda busy surfing the net and checking email. bye!

on my mind: picnik

isn't picnik cool? and for those who doesn't know what picnik is: picnik is a place where you can edit photos online. cool, huh? i have a account, thats how i made the picture on the left. and its for free, which is cool. although, the superstar account makes you pay (thats the account that has the cool stickers to add to your pictures, and you can do much much more!) also, you can edit without a account for free, but, still. anyway, go check picnik at, trust me, its a great thing.

1950's ads: the corny ones

ok, so. you've seen the 1950's ads, right? aren't they corny? i mean, some say "butter so good, you'll say top of the morn'in!" i mean, who made all that up? i now, some like the ads, but, even the fans have to agree, they are kind of well, 1950's. of course, look at the tv ads, those are even more corny! (by the way, does anyone know what corny means? it means that its funny, in a odd way, well, it means chicken, well, i don't know) anyway, go to to look at 1950s ads. they don't have the really corny ones, but they have enough to pour your head out in a platter and makes you think "wow, if these aren't the real corny ones, then the really corny ones are worse!" go ahead, and enjoy.

fashion spotlight: florals

florals make your hips thin and your skin tanner. plus, with florals you can make these flower prints in any color. tan, black, pink, blue, and any color you please. but, you can't have any of your favorite fabrics. the best fabrics are:
  • silk
  • satin
  • cotton
worse ones are wool, courdury and yarn blends. style basics can be anything, rather its dresses, scarves, blouses (these are the best basics) or skirts and pants (the not-so-good basics, pants and skirts) well, that's all you need to know about florals. after you read this, you can go and buy all the florals you please. just make sure not to get crazy....

Thursday, March 26, 2009

prom dresses from edressme

beautiful dresses from are beautiful!! from green to peach, pink to purple, red to yellow, and all styles and styles you can think of. all expensive, expert made and celebrity inspired are all there! go to to look at more expert made dresses, wedding gowns, mod pod gowns, and more!

Fashion spotlight: jeans

Have you ever wondered as you are looking at your jeans if these make you look fat? and did you ever know that women say "do these make me look fat?" more times then men? i bet you haven't. and if you were looking at these jeans, that "... make me look fat?" thing is over for your jeans. these are boot-cut length jeans, and are from the same shop where i found them, and i know that these are a bit expensive, but there worth it. just keep them clean and they'll be fine. so, just keep reminding yourself that, you won't look fat in these. in fat, these make your legs longer, so that is a extra gold star to your pro-con list. so, keep shopping, and don't ask anyone who doesn't know you this: "do these make me look fat?" and don't try diets and eat non-fat yogurt, i tried too, but it never worked...............

style for less!

ahhhhhh, cheap clothing that look beautiful. but, you don't find that everyday! but, with this outfit i made up, you can find cheap clothing. the women's low-rise roll-up brown pants costs $29.50 at old navy. the kimchi & blue pintuck bib blouse costs $48 at urban outfitters. top this outfit off with expensive shoes and jewelry to make it look expensive and makes you look rich.

Monday, March 23, 2009

fashion vs. style

here is a fashion list:
  • its a art
  • no one in magazines can tell what the trend is
  • who invented it?
  • it shows your inner beauty
  • it shows your personality
here is a style list:

  • you can show style in magazines
  • not only is style in fashion, but also interior and exteroir design, etc.etc.....
  • everyone has their own style.
well, what do you think.

beauty tips for a club night look

eyes should be bright and fun, no soft in here! like a purple with silver, or green with sparkly hot pink, or be a crazy fun person and have a rainbow of colors!
should be black, no matter what color your eyelashes really are
lips should have a bright flash! effect on everyone who comes near to see your face. best colors are hot red, mongo pink, and shy tan (for those who are a bit shy for showing some color!)
eyebrows must be light and a bit like a flash effect also. the best color is brown, but never black, won't match the lips and eyes.
blush should be either soft, or bright and flashy. if soft, colors suitable are light dusty pink or skintone. if flashy, a hot pink or a peachy red.
well, those are the tips to a fab look for clubb'in out. please comment!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

makeup do's for a fresh young look

here is a list of makeup do's

for a fresh look
for a daily fresh look, use just enough mascara to barely coat your eyelashes, or use clear mascara. make sure that no one can see globs of mascara two feet away.
a lightly tinted lip gloss is ideal. but, if your a colorful person, you can use lipstick with light colors like: light pink, dust pink, skin colored or hot pink.
light blue for green, or pink and dusty lavender, or tan skin-toned in diffrent shades.
eyebrow pencil:
this is to fill in your eyebrows. just your same eyebrow color for a a fresh, young look. or a darker/lighter shade to fill in too much waxed eyebrow hairs
a light tan is ideal, but you can use a light hot pink blush

recipe for red velvet cake

here is a recipe for one of my favorite cakes. hope you enjoy it and keep cooking!

Cook Time: 30 minutes


  • 1/2 cup shortening
  • 1 1/2 cups sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 tablespoons cocoa
  • 1 1/2 oz red food coloring
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 2 1/2 cups flour
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1 cup buttermilk
  • 1 teaspoon soda
  • 1 tablespoons vinegar


Cream shortening; beat in sugar gradually. Add eggs, one at a time; beat well after each addition. Make paste of cocoa and food coloring; add to creamed mixture. Add salt, flour and vanilla alternately with buttermilk, beating well after each addition. Sprinkle soda over vinegar; pour vinegar over batter. Stir until thoroughly mixed. Bake in 3 8-inch pans or 2 9-inch pans for 30 minutes at 350°.

trends of spring

Imagine a familiar yet strange dreamlike world. Mix periods together in an anachronistic way. Revamp vintage yet fall for the grace of the ephemeral. Rediscover a youthful freshness. Invent a modern techno romanticism.

An urban mood, in pale, bleached and artificial colors, teamed with the softness of grey-cast neutrals, and crossed by grating flashy colors.

- Fine and compact. Discreet textured weaves, smooth cotton/polyamide with a cool handle, raw denims in bleached pastels.
- Silky. Foulard twills in vintage viscose, pyjama-style silky fabrics. Iridescent and pearly surfaces on all grounds.
- Floaty. Translucent voiles, ultra-fine poplins, fine gauge jerseys for precious shirting.
- Knits. Tulles to pleat, lace, translucent jerseys.
- Yarn-dyeds. Creased, powdered, Prince of Wales checks and micro checks on all weights.
- Patterns. Necktie motifs, wallpaper prints. Watercolor, moiré florals, on frosted grounds.

Key women's wear products
- Simplified short jacket. Flounced bolero. Shirt jacket.
- Loose, flowing pants, with raised waist. Jersey zouave pants.
- Frilly petticoat skirt. Sunray pleated skirt. Seamed pencil skirt.
- Trousseau dress with spaghetti straps. Strappy sundress.
- Simple tank top. Flowing shift top to layer. Pleated top. Flounced T-shirt.
- Loose printed cardigan. Sheer sweater.
- Details: corolla flounces, loose panels like petals.

vintage mirror

this is a vintage mirror i found on ebay, (i think it said it was a 1920s mirror!) i seem to love fancy, rich furniture from the 20's, they seem stylish then. i can think of a room, full of silk spun sofas, rich, dark cherry wood book cases, with old, books with ol' english in them, old paintings of rich people from the 1920's in gold frames hang above the wall and, in the middle of the paintings, stand this mirror, this vintage, chic, 1920's mirror. i don't like it much personaly, but in a room somewhat of what i told you about, it would look like a masterpeice.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

pretty prom gown

this perfect dress from nordstrom is a sure nockout! below are the info of this dress:

Rhinestones create a sensuous curve down a long jersey gown, ruched for a close fit. Fluid skirt brings balance with a floaty, mesh godet at the front center.
  • Back zip with hook-and-eye closure.
  • Three nonadjustable spaghetti straps wrap to back.
  • Approx. length from shoulder to hem: 61".
  • Polyester/spandex lining.
  • Polyester; dry clean.
  • By Mary L Couture; made in the USA.
  • Special Occasion.
well, that's all i have to say, the picture says the rest!!

made for each other outfit

this beautiful headdress and (little bit) pretty dress, is made for each other. when i found it online, it wasen't sold for being a double dress set, but its from the same company, so, its kinda like a set (can it be?) anyway, comment what you think!

etoiles: dancers of the paris opera ballet

etoiles: watch this movie, its so good. its in french, but it has english subtitles (this is good for learning french and ballet!) it shows what dancers really are, that stuff about tutus and being pretty and lots of parties every night are just fairy tales! i hope you watch it, i did. and if you are a member of netflix, you can watch it on instant watch (that means you can watch it online, for free) so please watch it, and then comment below. thanks for reading, and please watch!!!!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

dior ads, so stylish.

oh so stylish dior ads are creative. but, i have to say, cary grant can be more better at choosing hair styles for these models then whoever chooses the hair do's at the dior beauty department. but, some of the fashions are quite good, i have to say. just make sure to tell marc jacobs to put on a suit now a days!

petal pushers

flower fashion, the next best thing. rather its in your hair, or a tulip dress, "flower power" is totally true. as it says in allure feb 08, "petal pushers!" (click on the pictures to blow them up)

vera wang bedrooms

wood vanity mirrors, and white silk linens, and vera wang mattresses, white old-fashioned bedrooms are the next best thing for interior design. and for floors, are dark cherry wood floors. if you have family alirooms (like mirrors, diamonds, etc.) are best to put on wood vanity. get more designs from vintage furniture shops. that's all for now

Thursday, March 19, 2009

modern home design

modern home design, made easy. velvet is the key to vanity chairs, pillows, and sofas. modern fabrics, like courdury, can be used for all basics of modern home design. i love modern home design, its nice, and i also love old-fashioned home design (which i'll be posting soon). for modern home design, use bright colors, or plain wood and white vinyl. soft clear plastic and a brightly colored fabric underneath for a sofa is ideal for a example. the suitable, best bright colors for modern home design are:
  • purple
  • brown
  • pink
  • green
  • yellow
  • darkish bright blue
and any other bright color is suitable. glass, clear round circle table with dark cherry wood floors and clear chairs are the perfect idea for a breakfest table. so dive in ideas for modern home design for your home.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

my kitties

here are my kitties, deca and truffle. deca (female) is the orange one. truffle (male), is the white/cream one.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

new iphone gadget!!

hello readers,
i got a new gadget on my iphone: a digital iphone!! you can check your mail, see photos, watch a youtube video, write notes, and much, much more!! check it out!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

juicy couture fashion

the juicy couture ads, are, quite non- life true. its a dream like fashion. what kind of fashion do they make, anyway?! i mean, on their ads they have women in ball gowns. do they sell ball gowns, or something? i think they only sell perfume. well, thats my suggestion. you can't walk around the streets wearing a ball gown, in less your pumpkin didn't work, so you had to walk to the ball!! got suggestions? please comment!

ballet dancer's feet after a class/performence..

a dancer's foot is red, splintered, blistered, and hurt after every class and performance, even if they didn't do pointe. mine after every class (i have two, actually!) are red and feel hurt, and i have to put relive cream on them. dancer's feet are never happy!!

on my mind..

what on my mind:


'why ballet??' you may ask. well, didn't you see my blog title? "ballet, fashion, and iced green tea?" well, thats on my mind. its sunday, so i don't have any ballet classes. but why am i so sad?? its only on (lets see, its 9:04..) 12/13 hours till my monday class (it starts at 4:30 pm) so why am i so sad??? well, i have a headache, i'm STILL hungry,
and i miss turning!!
anyway, i just love ballet, its such a art.

on my mind...

whats on my mind..

lipsmackers lip gloss

i don't know why its on my mind, but it is. their so juicy and flavorful!!


because its great

golden girls

its the funniest thing on tv series, check it out!!


its such a neat teenager girl's jewelry store!

that's all for now!

new goodies on my blog

hi! i added new gadgets and goodies here. here is a list of all of them
  • two video wheel bars
  • a list of stylish designers
  • blogs of note list
  • favorites list
and so on. all of the goodies are d-o-w-n my profiles and followers and important stuff. have fun and keep reading and explore my blog!! (i didn't know it was this late, whoops!)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

world's cutest kitten

WARNING: Deadly cute! Continue reading if you dare!

Fashionably Cute is happy to introduce a Japanese superstar that Cuteoverload would absolutely die for. It’s Memebon, possibly the world’s cutest kitten.

Memebon is a girl. She was born very tiny and looked like Yoda, but had an extremely expressive face, which promised a great career in modeling:

However Yoda is no relation. Memebon has a kitty mother:

And a kitty father:

Now she has grown and up looks like this (still cute):

Memebon’s website is in Japanese, but that shouldn’t be an obstacle for cuteness fans ;)

Memebon (or quite possibly her owner) writes a blog (in Japanese) documenting the life of her family, she has also published two super-kawaii photo books, sold on Amazon Japan: Memebon and We Love Meme.

i copied and pasted the photos and stuff from (thats the link) comment if you wish (it is deadly cute!)