Sunday, March 22, 2009

makeup do's for a fresh young look

here is a list of makeup do's

for a fresh look
for a daily fresh look, use just enough mascara to barely coat your eyelashes, or use clear mascara. make sure that no one can see globs of mascara two feet away.
a lightly tinted lip gloss is ideal. but, if your a colorful person, you can use lipstick with light colors like: light pink, dust pink, skin colored or hot pink.
light blue for green, or pink and dusty lavender, or tan skin-toned in diffrent shades.
eyebrow pencil:
this is to fill in your eyebrows. just your same eyebrow color for a a fresh, young look. or a darker/lighter shade to fill in too much waxed eyebrow hairs
a light tan is ideal, but you can use a light hot pink blush

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