Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Paris Hilton Interviews Lady GaGa at the Nokia 5800 launch
Here is Paris Hilton meeting Lady GaGa at the Nokia 5800 Launch. The two fabulous gals join together in a rave of fun! in this video Paris talks with Lady GaGa about GaGa's wonderful fashion icon, music, fashion, and style. and she interviews her, too! Its amazing that a celebrity can interivew another celebrity, LOL!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Interview with Painthead

Here is a interview i gave to a popular user called Painthead. here is her profile:

How did you find polyvore? did a friend suggest it, or did you find it yourself?

I found polyvore by googling "CANDY BUFFET" i was planing my candy party and was looking for info and then i saw these collages with candy, but i did not join poly right away. I did when again i was googling Betsey Johnson and saw more "sets" then i got curious and joined. and i love it so much, lol

Was it hard at the beginning, or was it a piece of cake?

Oh i loved it right away..especially figuring out how to use it. I was in here for 5 months when my sets started to get "noticed". I honestly thought that my sets were too "crazy" and not fit but i never compromised who i am to be liked or to have people come around. I remind myself this day i am still me. I think that is what makes my set be noticed.

When did you get popular?

I was five months into poly..this set was my first one to go on the popular section I still remember because i thought it was cool that people appreciated what came out of my

Did any of your friends get on polyvore?

No none of my Real life Pals know about poly, i kinda like to have something to myself, where i don't know people in real life, LOL

Did anyone HATE your sets?

Um at times i get people who HATE or make fake pages and write nasty comments on my sets. I block those people because it's a waste of time and i am not in polyvore for stuff like that. At times you find out it's someone who you know in here that made the fake page and did that to you. So it's pretty sad. Other then that, if people really hate my sets, they won't say it, LOL!

When did people start joining your groups?

um i have no idea, first it was small like 2oo people. Now i have 1,167 i's growing and i think people join depending on the contest i have. Or people just love sweets like i do..*laughs*

When did you add your sets to your blog?

LOL funny question because for a while i could never figure out how to add sets to a BLOG, hahahahha until i asked a pal in here...I think that was about 7-9 months ago..i think, but i like to also feature other sets

Did you make new new friends on polyvore that you never met?

Yes i actually have a Good best guy friend who i meet in poly..he doesn't log in as much, but we keep in touch through email and IM...He is the best and a male version of me. And Also her She is a good pal, who i can trust. then MusicFanatic and Articangel. There are a few others who i would love to keep in touch if i ever stop coming to poly for whatever reasons....

did you have a fight with your polyvore friends?

NO i never got into a fight with a poly friend, but i have become friends with two people who i once had a disagreement with

Are you planning to leave or stay on polyvore?

um i plan on keeping up in POLY...i think this site is great for anyone who is into the fashion world or is thinking of a career in it! It's the best place to learn about trends, designers and keep updated on current fashion MUST HAVE"s....i don't follow trends myself, but i think it is important to know them if wanting to work in fashion. I will stay here in Poly as long as i can!❤✿ No plans on leaving.

Thank you painthead for letting me interview you!! i love your sets, they are F-A-B!!!

Here are her fabulous sets,

Bad Artist's Copy!
Bad Artist's Copy! by ❤✿PaintHead featuring GAP
Below is her very first set, she was good all the way to the beginning!

Thank you Painthead for making fabulous sets, and i'm glad that you are going to keep making those sets of your's!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Button-up shirts - the real button eye

The button-up shirt is a classic for all shirts. its so popular for women, but it didn't start with women. it first started with men. (like fur coats, pants, pink shirts, and more all from men first!) since the 1920's it was first showed by men. then at the 1940's women started to think these were chic, so started wearing them also. like destroyed jeans and trench coats, they have tips,
1. Make sure to NOT iron the buttons, they will melt onto the shirt. (if they don't still be careful)
2. Always make sure to buy a pair that was fitted, but also one half size bigger!
3. Do make sure to always get it fixed at a professional tailor's place. if you mend this yourself, it would show badly, and it will look cheap. be careful! (like always)

Well, thats the top Three tips for a button up! there isn't really alot for these simple-yet-classic shirts. below are some inspirational sets from polyvore with button-up shirts:

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Look Magazine - Wow Look!

The world's most fashionable politics news magazine right here. Look is a fabulous new york magazine that not only new yorkers read, the whole world does! this simple little magazine is sold all over the world 500 billion times. that's more then a whole lifetime! this is a women's magazine that is so fashionable, but also has some politic stories in that worker women love. this magazine also has alot photos for inspiring looks that could charm a bird off a tree. plus its simple like polyvore, but so neat that its popular (kind of like this blog!) so sit back and relax as you read the latest 'New York Look' magazine with your coffee! (or tea!) (find a magazine near a book store near you)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Trench coats: the way they are

So its the beginning of the fall, and everyone is getting ready for it. like buying clothes. so, one
of the best fall coats is The Trench Coat. everyone has them. the most popular color for these coats are, you name it tan. of course, it can be in different colors also. like the destroyed jeans post i made, i'm going to add some tips about trench coats on this post. they can be pretty hard to clean, but they're worth it!
1. make sure to get a trench with a tough fabric, one that doesn't rip. these coats can be pretty weak in fabric.
2. always make sure to wash them after you buy them. they can get lint on them. especially if you got them from a store. people have been touching them!
3. just because they look simple doesn't mean they clean simple. you have to put them on not high, normal on washer. no dryer, because it'll rip. air dry. search google for more information.
4. always always get one that fits you, but one size (or if you're still growing 2 sizes bigger) because even in a month they can get small. especially if you wash them!

There isn't any more tips for trench coats. they're better to care for then destroyed jeans. below are some inspirational polyvore sets below:

Tee contest - congrats to the winners!
Tee contest - congrats to the winners! by Karine Minzon Wilson featuring Giuseppe Zanotti shoes

For more inspiration then go to polyvore and search for "trench coats". and go buy some trench!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Destroyed jeans: now finally popular?

Now i see more and more sets of destroyed jeans on polyvore and more reviews of these fabulous jeans. so, are they finally popular? well, i guess so. since now the fall is coming up, and the new year is tick-tocking away. chances are that baggy jeans are out of the fashion world, and these kind of jeans are sliding in the spotlight. why? because they not only look fabulous, and perfect for everything, they also show a little bit of street style, but not being to much of a street gal jeans. if you don't have the money to buy destroyed jeans (They are more expensive then normal jeans) then buy a normal pair of jeans, and then cut the holes yourself! its easy! although, they're are some bad reasons for getting these denim beauties:
1. they can get ripped, be sure if you buy a pair to be careful of things that could rip them
2. they can show too much skin, be sure to get a pair that doesn't have alot of holes. if they don't have enough, then cut some more holes
3. if they have bad fabric, then you should maybe not buy them. usually if their bad in the beginning, they will get worse. be careful.
4. find the pair that flatters your body. some times destroyed jeans can unflatter your body, if you get them loose or comfortable feeling, then they will bag up and sag, unflattering your body
5. make sure to make a laundry load wisely. be sure it doesn't destroy the jeans more. search online for tips and if you should make a extra load for just them.. be careful!
6. be stylish. but not too much. if you add too much belts and shirts and jackets, it will make it look cheap. so be careful!

Okay, those are the top 6 tips that you should always know about destroyed jeans. below are some fabulous sets featuring destroyed jeans:

To find more inspiration, then go to polyvore and search "Destroyed jeans". until then, get destroyed!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Interview with Nordstrom worker

This interview is fun. this woman was brunette and seemed to love her job! so i just gave her a interview. Nordstrom i think is expensive, but fun to roam around in. The Nordstrom cafe has some good treats. get lunch there!

why did you get the job?

well i wanted the job because it sounded fun. i didn't want a single store, like with one designer or company. like GAP or something. i wanted to work in a store with different designer clothing. i was getting frantic trying to find a shop like Nordstrom, then my best friend looked in a Nordstrom magazine. and she said "[name not to be told], i'm holding your dream job" and she smiled.

do you love or hate some of the designer clothing?

Um, yes i love most of them. but some of them i hate. like this pink Marc By Marc Jacobs dress. sadly. but i used to hate it, now i really love it! i really L-O-V-E chanel! Nordstrom is perfect to look around while your working

was the thing that your best friend said, "dream job" is really true?

yes, its wonderful. i love being near fashions. and Nordstrom makes it worth it to drive to nordstrom. i love it when i find something really fab, and it gives me ideas. i love Nordstrom!

did you make friends at Nordstrom?

um, no. not really. i'm really polite to people, but i'm kind of knew, so they don't know me enough to trust me. i really love making new friends, but at Nordstrom i have to wait untill i do.

did Nordstrom save something for you?

yes! one time i was chatting with someone, but she said something bad about me, like how i looked like a person who wasen't to be trusted with fashion, right then a costumer zipped to me and said "you look so fashionable! can you ask me if this looks good?!" that person was like a angel to me!

did this job mess up your personal life?

not really. except when i started me and my boyfriend had a big fight. but that wasen't because of the job.

was it hard starting, or was it like a peice of cake?

yes sadly. i was stressful with my boyfriend and me.

yummy looking things.

I love images of cakes! so here i put some pics of cakes. enjoy!!!! yes, this is a cake!! neat iphone cake, isn't it?!

Real street fashion

street fashion.

Street fashion does not mean people wearing casual outfits on the street. its a art. why? because fashion isn't just gowns and heels. there also some themes also. like, street fashion. or tea party. and fashion is a art because its like ballet. there is also different ballets, like swan lake and the nutcracker which is very different alike. like street fashion with evening fashion. evening is like swan like, elegant and beautiful. while street fashion funky. always new and exciting. below are some examples of street fashion art.

Barbie M.A.C makeup

barbie has been making their own perfume and makeup ever since. but they haven't been doing any professional makeup until now. now barbie does M.A.C makeup! like hello kitty, they have colors that look like barbie. their famous lipstick is the one called "rocking chick". its the brightest pink lipstick they have. in the barbie M.A.C ads both the models are wearing rocking chick. (above is the picture, the biggest lipstick is rocking chick) barbie loves M.A.C!!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

What is polyvore?

What is polyvore? thats what most of my friends who don't have a polyvore ask. well, if you must know, polyvore is a online fashion community where you create sets. sets are pictures made from pictures. you can also make outfits! if you don't find the picture you wanted then you can import. polyvore is a fun, peaceful place where all creative artists hang out. if you want to know more, then go here,, and go to their page help if you get lost. or pm me. here is the link to my profile:, enjoy!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Interview with Anthropologie worker

I gave a interview with a anthropologie worker (name not to be told) this is the same day as i gave the interview to the gap worker. she was blonde and looked like she knew what she was doing. below is the interview:
how do you like your job?
i love it. it always seems peaceful. its like a nice home out of home.
do you have a favorite clothing item from anthropologie?
well yes! its the plaid sailer shorts. they are sooo cute!!
do you have friendships with the other workers?
yes, there is this girl. she helped me when i was knew. we are best friends now!
do you work at any other shops?
no, sadly. but i used to. when i started to work at anthropologie i also worked at the nordstrom perfume counter.
do you have any favorite perfumes?
yes, anything juicy couture!
do you have a personal style?
yes. i love chic, elegant clothes. like the classic chanel suit and chanel #5 perfume
what type of job do you have?
i organize the back room. and i decorate the shop. ya know, design where the furniture is going to be and stuff
wow, must be exciting...
well, yeah it is. don't get me wrong, i love it. its the next best thing to being a fashion designer *laughs*
*laughs* do you get along with your boss?
yes, of course! sometimes we go out for coffee. she has so many ideas for the store. and she gives me tips on how to run a business. thank you boss!
thats very good! and do you ever have a hard time with the other workers?
well, once. this one worker called me a copy cat, i don't know why. and we got in a fight. but its all fine now. we friends at last!
does your personal life mess up your working life?
it used to, but now its fine. i managed to set up bedtimes and dinner hours. i sometimes go out with my best friend for a cup of coffee and scones instead of dinner.
do you and your best friend have any fights?
when we met we hated each other. and we always tried to get each other in trouble! like make a mess and blame the other to the boss to get in real trouble! but the boss knew it was just us two fighting
do you need to get back to work?
yes i do. it was nice to be interviewed! i feel like a celebrity!!
yes, bye!

Polyvore Member Spotlight: maia-arts

a walk in the flowers
a walk in the flowers by maia-arts on
This is one of my fave sets from her. she is so talented. she makes wonderful sets! check her out!

Polyvore Member Spotlight: punk.against.greenday

good luck trying to save her.
good luck trying to save her. by punk.against.greenday featuring Mimi Holiday intimates
This is a F-A-B set from punk.against.greenday, she makes fab sets!!!


UP movie clip

This is so so cute!!! lovely little clip!

Interview with gap worker

I interviewed a GAP worker, (name not to be told) below is the interview:
what made you want to work at GAP?
well, i didn't really want to work there. all the designer stores didn't want anyone like me, so
gap was really the place i could work for.
did you need to learn anything?
well, actually yes. i needed to learn where all the clothes were, and the answers if any costumer asked me something, i needed to answer fast!
what were your favorite clothing items?
well, yes. there was this silk blend shirt dress, it was in this dark navy, it looked really cute!
is there any problem working at GAP? like something hard, or something?
nothing really. i felt good and comfortable when i worked there. i didn't have a problem
is there any uniforms or could you just wear anything?
you could wear anything you want. but its really good if you wear something from GAP!
do you live near GAP? or do you have to drive?
i live very close. its in a city, so i live in a apartment near it. its a nice apartment, not bragging or anything *laughs*
is there anything you like to do when you go to work?
um, yes. i get up extra early and i go to starbucks and walk to work. that way i have the whole place to my self so i can listen to my ipod and organize clothes.
was there any weird costumers when you're working there?
yes! there was this woman who was asking if there was any "coffee" here, i felt odd....
what kind of work do you do at GAP?
i work at the check out desk. and i'm there to answer if a costumer needs help. and i organize clothes if i get there early. well, i have to get back to work!
thank you for answering these questions! bye!
I interviewed a woman at GAP who was a worker. she was checking out my clothing so i asked if i could take a interview with her. i chose GAP because on polyvore its the featured brand. hope you found this neat-like! (credit to the interviewee!)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

ballet health: the way its suppose to be

many wonderful dancers get a sickness that kills them, or they get a sprained ankle or operation that won't let them dance anymore. and that breaks a loving dancer's heart. here, i will post some good tips from the website in the art section. here is the lovely article posted from that website:

Sprains, fractures, and tendinitis are foot injuries common to both ballet and modern dancers. But several injuries sustained by ballet dancers are peculiar to dancing on pointe; ironically, many modern dance foot injuries are caused by the lack of protection provided by shoes. Here we will discuss the most common pointe-related injuries; in a future issue we will discuss foot injuries in modern dancers.

Toenail Ailments

Of the twenty-five hundred professional ballerinas I have treated, I can't recall one who didn't have "abnormal" toenails. Pounding on the toe tip for up to six hours per day will cause adaptive thickening, which is desirable. When factors overpower this thickening, problems result. The most common causes of toenail problems in the ballerina are improper maintenance, fungus, and getting stepped on or dropped hard during partnering.

Good maintenance includes cutting nails close to the quick in the center, then straight across out to the edges. Nails cut short of the skin corners may become ingrown. If your corners are presently too short, round each one slightly with an emery board. Once your nail grows ever so slightly beyond the corner, maintain this length with an emery board two or three times a week. Another aspect of good maintenance is making sure that your pointe shoes fit properly.

Many pointe dancers suffer from nails that bruise, which can range from a temporary soreness all the way to an acute, bloody loosening of some or all of the nail plate. To reduce the chances of bruising from impact or jamming, keep the center of the nail trimmed close to the quick.

If your nail becomes loose, it may tear and get infected. To prevent tearing in a nail that has been loose for a while, cut all the loose nail away at the attachment site. First aid for freshly torn nails starts with gentle cleansing in soapy, warm water. Next, douse the site with a skin disinfectant such as Betadine or Povidone (unless you're allergic to iodine, which both of these products contain), and cover it with a Band-Aid (not too tightly), In most cases of nail tearing, however, you should probably see a podiatrist.

Some dancers live with a partially torn nail by avoiding pointe for a few days and thereafter taping the loose nail down with a Band-Aid (only the non-sticky part should touch the nail, please) until a new nail plate forms underneath, which often takes at least three months. Viscous lidocaine, a topical painkiller used by dentists and acquired by some dancers, masks pain in infected skin conditions. I have seen this result in blood poisoning, a medical emergency requiring hospitalization. (In fact, any painkiller used continuously for any condition is inadvisable.) If the pain is severe and unrelenting, or if your torn or ingrown nail is getting hot, swollen, fiery red, or odorous, see a professional as soon as possible.

If your nail is very yellow and brittle and a good bit at the end is loose, you may have a fungal infection. These are extremely common in dancers, because shoe trauma can initiate and perpetuate fungus growth. Because they recur, fungal infections are very difficult to treat. Topical anti-fungal medications usually yield unsatisfactory results. Intelligent hygiene will minimize the likelihood of contracting a fungal infection: Keep your feet dry and don't use someone else's nail clippers.


Like hair and nails, corns are a skin secretion composed of the protein keratin. They are produced at pressure-sensitive sites. Because corns are so pointy, and because they continue to build at pressure sites, they can become painful. In some cases, they actually perforate the base skin on which they rest, creating an ulcer that gets infected. An infected corn looks swollen and red and is usually hot and painful. An infected corn is especially dangerous if it is between the third and fourth toes, an area in which many dancers have a certain degree of numbness--nerves are susceptible to pinching at this site. Anything that looks like an infected pimple between the toes but, curiously, doesn't hurt warrants a professional visit. Regardless of location and regardless of how much it hurts, if your corn looks infected it should be treated by a professional.

If you don't have an infected corn but suffer from chronic discomfort at these hard-skin sites, here is some advice. First and foremost, check the fit of your pointe shoes. Inspect the underside of your old pointe shoes. If the did pattern at the back of your heel extends more than one inch beyond the end of the shank, your pointe shoes are probably too small. Experiment at the barre with a half-size larger shoe. Also, remember that feet get bigger over the years. It is not unusual for a ballerina to develop corns later in her career because her feet have grown and she's wearing the same size pointe shoes she wore at seventeen.

Shoes may also not fit properly if one of your feet is substantially larger than the other. You can check this by standing on a big piece of paper and having someone draw one line at the hindmost part of your heel and another at the tip of your longest toe. (Make sure that the person measuring keeps the pencil completely vertical.) If there is more than a half-inch difference, you need a different size shoe for each foot.

Thats all i really need to publish on here (for copyright) if you want to see the full article, then go to this link:

i hope you enjoyed this post! and for those good dancers out there, good luck, and be a healthy dancer!!

piperlime - what is it?

people have been wondering (as i hear people everywhere, asking about piperlime) well, yep, you guessed right. "piperlime" is a company store that sells designer shoes. like dior, marc by marc jacobs, and more. they also sell cheaper shoes, like crocs, and other rubber-like shoes. they also sell men's shoes, and children's shoes. piperlime is not a actual store, its a online store. like gap, only not a store in the streets or malls. below are some shoes sold at piperlime. whats more, is that they also sell handbags, also! Whats also good is that they do free shipping and returning. so if the shoes does not fit right,
then you can ship it back for free. and its not really expensive like nordstrom, which is almost
$1000!!!! but, all in all, piperlime is a pretty good online store to find handbags and shoes
so i hope this post was useful. untill then, buy good shoes!!!