Thursday, September 3, 2009

Interview with gap worker

I interviewed a GAP worker, (name not to be told) below is the interview:
what made you want to work at GAP?
well, i didn't really want to work there. all the designer stores didn't want anyone like me, so
gap was really the place i could work for.
did you need to learn anything?
well, actually yes. i needed to learn where all the clothes were, and the answers if any costumer asked me something, i needed to answer fast!
what were your favorite clothing items?
well, yes. there was this silk blend shirt dress, it was in this dark navy, it looked really cute!
is there any problem working at GAP? like something hard, or something?
nothing really. i felt good and comfortable when i worked there. i didn't have a problem
is there any uniforms or could you just wear anything?
you could wear anything you want. but its really good if you wear something from GAP!
do you live near GAP? or do you have to drive?
i live very close. its in a city, so i live in a apartment near it. its a nice apartment, not bragging or anything *laughs*
is there anything you like to do when you go to work?
um, yes. i get up extra early and i go to starbucks and walk to work. that way i have the whole place to my self so i can listen to my ipod and organize clothes.
was there any weird costumers when you're working there?
yes! there was this woman who was asking if there was any "coffee" here, i felt odd....
what kind of work do you do at GAP?
i work at the check out desk. and i'm there to answer if a costumer needs help. and i organize clothes if i get there early. well, i have to get back to work!
thank you for answering these questions! bye!
I interviewed a woman at GAP who was a worker. she was checking out my clothing so i asked if i could take a interview with her. i chose GAP because on polyvore its the featured brand. hope you found this neat-like! (credit to the interviewee!)

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