Thursday, September 3, 2009

Interview with Anthropologie worker

I gave a interview with a anthropologie worker (name not to be told) this is the same day as i gave the interview to the gap worker. she was blonde and looked like she knew what she was doing. below is the interview:
how do you like your job?
i love it. it always seems peaceful. its like a nice home out of home.
do you have a favorite clothing item from anthropologie?
well yes! its the plaid sailer shorts. they are sooo cute!!
do you have friendships with the other workers?
yes, there is this girl. she helped me when i was knew. we are best friends now!
do you work at any other shops?
no, sadly. but i used to. when i started to work at anthropologie i also worked at the nordstrom perfume counter.
do you have any favorite perfumes?
yes, anything juicy couture!
do you have a personal style?
yes. i love chic, elegant clothes. like the classic chanel suit and chanel #5 perfume
what type of job do you have?
i organize the back room. and i decorate the shop. ya know, design where the furniture is going to be and stuff
wow, must be exciting...
well, yeah it is. don't get me wrong, i love it. its the next best thing to being a fashion designer *laughs*
*laughs* do you get along with your boss?
yes, of course! sometimes we go out for coffee. she has so many ideas for the store. and she gives me tips on how to run a business. thank you boss!
thats very good! and do you ever have a hard time with the other workers?
well, once. this one worker called me a copy cat, i don't know why. and we got in a fight. but its all fine now. we friends at last!
does your personal life mess up your working life?
it used to, but now its fine. i managed to set up bedtimes and dinner hours. i sometimes go out with my best friend for a cup of coffee and scones instead of dinner.
do you and your best friend have any fights?
when we met we hated each other. and we always tried to get each other in trouble! like make a mess and blame the other to the boss to get in real trouble! but the boss knew it was just us two fighting
do you need to get back to work?
yes i do. it was nice to be interviewed! i feel like a celebrity!!
yes, bye!

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