Tuesday, September 1, 2009

piperlime - what is it?

people have been wondering (as i hear people everywhere, asking about piperlime) well, yep, you guessed right. "piperlime" is a company store that sells designer shoes. like dior, marc by marc jacobs, and more. they also sell cheaper shoes, like crocs, and other rubber-like shoes. they also sell men's shoes, and children's shoes. piperlime is not a actual store, its a online store. like gap, only not a store in the streets or malls. below are some shoes sold at piperlime. whats more, is that they also sell handbags, also! Whats also good is that they do free shipping and returning. so if the shoes does not fit right,
then you can ship it back for free. and its not really expensive like nordstrom, which is almost
$1000!!!! but, all in all, piperlime is a pretty good online store to find handbags and shoes
so i hope this post was useful. untill then, buy good shoes!!!

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