Thursday, April 30, 2009

the it thing: yellow spring hues

 yellow is the spring fling now. yellow hues and silk skirts are the key to spring! be creative! be pastel!  create a look that is totally spring. maybe: yellow silk dress, brightly colored silk hermes belt, gold hoop earrings, soft basket bag, and hot pink head band with a bow at the back. be creative!!! and be sure to send any of my posts to friends, just go below the post, and click the image of a email image so everyone can get fab fashion tips daily!!!

how to wear: jumpsuits

 jumpsuits can be worn  any time, any day. but is also a bit of a tough item, too. first of all, it is most of the time bulky, not a good thing for those who needed to wear these to make their body more flattering. plus, it comes in hard sizes, but, most of all, it can be chic. how to wear it flatteringly chic, wear alot of jewelry! it gives even a plain solid colored jumpsuit a bit of rich-ness. one of the best thing of flattering your jumpsuit is: belts. the best belts are thin and leather. the best color for a jumpsuit is: 
if its a red jumpsuit: dark dark brown belt
purple jumpsuit: light caramel 
pink jumpsuit: white belt
yellow jumpsuit: light brown belt
black jumpsuit: black or white belt
and, belts can be untied and put in your purse. earrings are good too for tweeking the look of a jumpsuit. gold ,brown, black,silver, or white earrings can be worn with any color of jumpsuit. so if you want to start suits, start jumping! 

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Trend: Knit Fab

knits, the chic thing for this season. this poncho looks great with a yellow tank (tank has flower graphic) and flared jeans, brown crinkle boots. and a wooven basket bag with leather straps and inside pockets. top it off with glass bead necklaces (beads are green/yellow/hot pink/brown) and gold hoop earrings and bangles. this outfit is for spring and summer.

exterior design trend: faux plants

okay,well. you know that i only posted one teeny tiny post about exterior design. well, i guess i don't like exterior design as i like interior design, but now i'm starting to like exterior design. okay, do these plants look real to you? well, any florist or interior/exterior designer {someone like me:) can always tell the truth by looking at it: its... oh let me say it elegantly, its faux (faux means fake in manners). and i found it on ebay. they are 3 x potted "ivy"- 24" (60cm) artifilcial silk faux plant. it is elegant for using for patio and outdoor parties, or just for looking at. and the great thing is that you don't have to water it everyday! i bet you know how nervewracking it is to water plants all day, and then the next day they wilt, real plants are, very picky and snobby. but, these aren't, although the bad thing is when one of your guests ask you "oh, look at these plants! are they real?" and you have to blush, because it is embarssing telling them "no, they aren't" and even more embarssing when they start to look gloomy and say "oh *sigh*" but, these are sure beauties though!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


i deleted the ipod calendar. if any of you guys blame me, its not my fault! anyway, i can add it back on anyway, so its not a big thing. i hope you comment on this post to tell me what i should delete next from the sidebar.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

new gadget!

i got a new gadget! its a slideshow of fashion magazine covers.  to pause the slideshow to see a photo you like, or to click to go to the next photo, then just hover your mouse over the photos, and the "remote" will pop up over the photos. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

new stuff on blog

hello dear readers, 
 sorry i haven't been posting, i have been busy with things offline. but, good news. i have a google search engine on my blog!! and it searches my blog, not with everything off my blog, just my blog. and, i don't know if i should delete my calendar, i can always put it back on. please comment to say if i should delete it. 
                                        twinkle toes

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

trend spotlight: bright colors

get bright colors, gorge hues, and pop patterns. get bright this season! delia's new designs (see picture) Is a example for this new trend. for a new trendy outfit, do this: bright colored pink jeans, two tanks (One yellow, One purple), hot green rain coat, blue flats with polka dots (the dots are rainbow colored), and a orange bag, this outfit is color ready for any rainy day!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

flare: the meaning of it

okay, so i'm always talking about pants, right? and i'm always talking about flared pants. well, flared pants mean pants on the top is narrow, and the bottom is widens, it is, rather chic. like this picture (chic, huh?) it is narrow on the top, and when it goes to the knee, it widens the pants, giving it a whole new meaning to the word "pants". so, if you were wondering what flared pants mean and scratching your heads, i think i made my point that you know know.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

fashion spotlight: summer florals

get summery with this new summer trend! you can beat the cherry blossoms by blooming with a stunningly floral tunic, like this one for example. and for a key style trick: florals best fabrics are silk! (really, if i see someone wearing a basket with florals on it, i would be surprised!) so, if you are going to wear florals, do it with silk, i would be very happy.

on my mind: iced green tea lemonade

 okay, so i haven't been posting anything about iced green tea. do i really love it? of course! its the only thing i really order at starbucks. you see, i get it unsweetened, and then i sweeten it with the suger brand, suger in the raw, that is the best kind of suger they have there. trust me, you'll be in heaven. plus, if your those kind of health foodies, well these iced green tea lemonades aren't junk drinks. lemon and green tea are the keys to health drinks. so don't be trying to be on a "iced green tea lemonade" diet! and i drink these, like, everyday, every week, every month, every year. i'm like the expert of iced green tea lemonades, nobody nevers gets some much of these drinks as i do. so, keep sipping, and i'll be posting very very soon! 
                          - xoxo twinkle toes

fashion spotlight: safari breeze

ever wanted to walk around like your in safari? well you can! be a lion watcher and wear this cute cotton/silk double breasted  safari-style jacket by talbots. the price is $189. pair it up with a safari-like silk scarf by herme's and a brown brim hat and a tiger's eye jewel on a silver chain. you may be a person with a chic trench outside, but your a wild cat inside! go get them, tiger!

how to wear it: the little black dress

you may be thinking that the little black dress is only for cocktail parties and special events, but that is never true. it can be for casual dates, walking along the park. it can be anywhere! the best way to wear it for walking along the park or going to the market, is with a brown suede belt. a brown suede belt can make any fancy dress look very casual and simple. to make it more fun are some white chunky heels or brown pumps. too make it more casual top it off with a easy-to-carry bag (which could be black or brown, or white, if you wear white heels!) so, there you go, the perfect way to make a little black dress to a little casual dress! viloa!

Friday, April 10, 2009

fashion spotlight: chunky sweaters

get chunky with thickly knitted sweaters. these bold beauties can be very enxpensive and can look expensive with very nice jewelry and a nice pair of jeans. and get more chic with black cotton pants (flared ones!) and very chic chunky jewels on a silver chain. get even more designs on (thats where i got this image!) good luck!

fashion spotlight: love those feathers

birds of a feather, stick together. the next best thing for style trends are feathers. peacock skirts and purple boas. classic, rich, and glamour-styled, these birds are smart! the key outfit for a day look that isn't too glamour-styled, try jeans with a flower design, brown suede, belt, blue peacock tunic, and a brown suede purse (same as belt) with a trim of feathers, perfect for a walk on a park or a day to go shopping. be stylish, be feather-ish, be a bird!

zen tricks for a nice glow and a zen life

tips and tricks:
  1. always take your makeup off at night
  2. wash face before you put makeup on
  3. always remember that concealer is not for the whole face
  4. always have: lipstick, concealer, and lip liner in your purse
  5. always get a good night's sleep
  6. try to walk every day for 15 minutes outside for fresh air
  7. try different kinds of soaps and see which ones you can stand, and which ones you can't
  8. drink lots of water
  9. don't read in the dark for your eye's sake
  10. keep your nails cleaned, buffed, and polished neatly.
  11. relax everyday with a good cup of tea before work to make life easier
  12. don't be stressed all the time
  13. take vitamins everyday to boost your system all day long
  14. have something in your purse as a snack in case you get hungry

makeup tips for a spring look

light tones inside and bright bold colors outside. examples are: pink and purple, baby blue and brown, and light green and sparkly lavender.
lightly tinted gloss. colors suitable are light pink, bright pink, or fleshtone
bright hues or light tones are both suitable. any colors are good.
brown or black are both suitable.
brown, but never black because it pops out badly with the makeup.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

movie review: vanity fair

okay,have you seen "vanity fair" the movie? (not the magazine) its about a girl who lives with her father, whos a painter. and when he dies she goes and lives near the place for young ladies, where she is put a maid. when she gets older she gets to travel with her friend over the country to meet their friends. to end the story shortly, she gets merried and has a baby boy. what i wanted to say is, its a very dramatic movie. it doesn't mean that if it has reese witherspoon in it doesn't mean its non-dramatic like legally blonde! anyway, 5 stars for this movie!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

interior spotlight: leather wingback chair

okay, so i talk about interior design more then anything else on my blog. but, what can i say? i search on ebay almost everyday! but, i couldn't take my eyes off this one on ebay. its a wingback leather chippendale huge chair caramel color. it has studs on where you lounge your back. not very comfortable when sitting, but wonderful to look at. (maybe they should put in a art gallery for interior design!) well, i'll get back later for more talk of more interior design then anything else on my blog!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

dior ads are fashionable

okay, so you've seen the dior ads in magazines didn't you? ok, do they look nice? but, some of them are really crazy, but most of the time, they are pretty nice. like this one, for example, this one. isn't this one nice? i mean, is a purse ad? because shes holding it like shes showing the purse. but, i like it. and i always see it on the web. anyway, please comment to tell about other neat ads. thanks alot!

fashion finds: red halter top

i found this red halter top by ebay. its Karen Millen silk beaded brooch blouse halter top in a size 4 and main color is red. although the behind is quite nice, one sheer fabric is longer then the rest which might mean it needs cropping by a tailer. but, its still a really nice halter. it would be perfect for flared jeans, brown boots, a jean jacket of the same color of the jeans, gold hoop earrings, and a red purse of the same color.

moonlight garden dress

i found this on its a purple dress with decorations of garden flowers. this dress is from idea2lifestyle if you would like to buy it on etsy. and the price is 72.00 $ and to search for it either type in search box "moonlight garden" or "purple tunic". i thought it would be good with jeans (flared ones), brown leather purse with two outside pockets and copper clasp, gold hoop earrings, and a brown suede string necklace.