Friday, April 10, 2009

zen tricks for a nice glow and a zen life

tips and tricks:
  1. always take your makeup off at night
  2. wash face before you put makeup on
  3. always remember that concealer is not for the whole face
  4. always have: lipstick, concealer, and lip liner in your purse
  5. always get a good night's sleep
  6. try to walk every day for 15 minutes outside for fresh air
  7. try different kinds of soaps and see which ones you can stand, and which ones you can't
  8. drink lots of water
  9. don't read in the dark for your eye's sake
  10. keep your nails cleaned, buffed, and polished neatly.
  11. relax everyday with a good cup of tea before work to make life easier
  12. don't be stressed all the time
  13. take vitamins everyday to boost your system all day long
  14. have something in your purse as a snack in case you get hungry

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