Tuesday, April 28, 2009

exterior design trend: faux plants

okay,well. you know that i only posted one teeny tiny post about exterior design. well, i guess i don't like exterior design as i like interior design, but now i'm starting to like exterior design. okay, do these plants look real to you? well, any florist or interior/exterior designer {someone like me:) can always tell the truth by looking at it: its... oh let me say it elegantly, its faux (faux means fake in manners). and i found it on ebay. they are 3 x potted "ivy"- 24" (60cm) artifilcial silk faux plant. it is elegant for using for patio and outdoor parties, or just for looking at. and the great thing is that you don't have to water it everyday! i bet you know how nervewracking it is to water plants all day, and then the next day they wilt, real plants are, very picky and snobby. but, these aren't, although the bad thing is when one of your guests ask you "oh, look at these plants! are they real?" and you have to blush, because it is embarssing telling them "no, they aren't" and even more embarssing when they start to look gloomy and say "oh *sigh*" but, these are sure beauties though!

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