Saturday, April 11, 2009

on my mind: iced green tea lemonade

 okay, so i haven't been posting anything about iced green tea. do i really love it? of course! its the only thing i really order at starbucks. you see, i get it unsweetened, and then i sweeten it with the suger brand, suger in the raw, that is the best kind of suger they have there. trust me, you'll be in heaven. plus, if your those kind of health foodies, well these iced green tea lemonades aren't junk drinks. lemon and green tea are the keys to health drinks. so don't be trying to be on a "iced green tea lemonade" diet! and i drink these, like, everyday, every week, every month, every year. i'm like the expert of iced green tea lemonades, nobody nevers gets some much of these drinks as i do. so, keep sipping, and i'll be posting very very soon! 
                          - xoxo twinkle toes

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Anonymous said...

ohhh kb =) I <3 iced PASSION tea lemonade. Such a bond!!!!! Luv u girrrrrl. C u at ballet today =) =) =O

-pinkie XOXO