Friday, May 22, 2009

coco chanel perfume commercial with keria knightley

 keria knightley in a coco chanel perfume commercial. i love it, since i watched this video i never knew chanel made commercials!!!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

outfits i made. 1st. bue breeze 2.kitty kat 3. punk princess 4. green clean
hope you like it. i made this dolls from thanks alot for reading!

the best toe pads

ouch pouch jr small

not the best for professional dancers, but good for beginners. has soft gelly inside, and outside a soft stretch fabric. 2 per pads. bunheads. one size fits all. lasts a long time. great for smaller or wider feet for those who only want to be cushioned.

feather lites gel toe pads
includes two colored toe pads (purple and pink). soft and gelled. perfect for comfort, but if you want to feel the floor with your foot, then these are the best ones. these are thin and at the same time supporting enough for sore and blistered toes and heels. and, you don't need alot of bandaids, thus one of the best toe pads. may not last long, but worth buying them! size: adult (one size fits all).

pillows for pointes lamb's wool curl
soft and full of comfort, these toe pads are one of the best! lamb's wool curl toe pillows. all sizes small, medium, and large. by company pillows for pointes. these are the ones i wear. their soft, comfortable, supportive, and, they let you feel the floor, which is very important to do.

so now you've got some good brands to try, and use forever if their good. and before now,
you thought toe pads weren't that important!!!!!!! and anyway, good luck on pointe, for those beginners who've first tried being on pointe.

Monday, May 11, 2009

the three best ribbons for ballet shoes

capezio 3 yards:
this is shiny, light, and soft colored. 3 yards ribbon, European Pink, 5/8" narrow ribbon. not the best, but the one for those plain and simple dancers.

Freed bulk ribbon:
European Pink 1" wide ribbon, by the bolt. size is 54 yards. the best for a lifetime supply ribbon. in one colors: dark European Pink. perfect for professional dancers. includes elastic in dark European Pink.

GRIEURW by Grishko® 1" wide ribbon:
the best of the best! long-lasting. Light European Pink. 2 1/2 yards.
good for pointe shoes and the serious dancer

Thursday, May 7, 2009

truffle video 2

my cat, truffle. this is the same one, but he is shaved. isn't he cute when he is shaved????!!!!!!!!

deca, my other cat

another video of my other cat, deca. isn't she cute? now this one is a she. my two cats don't get along together, but, they are sure cute!!!!!! i love my kitties, they are so cute. deca would let me rub her tummy.

truffle my cat

this is a video of one of my cats. cute views of truffle, the white cat in this video. i know, i'm bad at making videos, bad quality, i know. but, isn't he cute!!!! and yes, the cat is a he. some people say that he is a "she" because he is fluffy and pink. now he is shaved (all of his body except: paws, end of tail, head and neck). so, if you want to comment, you can say anything you want, but don't say anything bad though! he was really fluffy in that video, but he isn't really now. but he is growing his hair back, but he is not so fluffy. so i hope that you enjoy this video, enjoy! (opps, it is late! i didn't know!)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

the truth about photo editers

in the , there are these magazines, and the models look perfect. no bags under their eyes, no pimples, no zits, and nothing that looks bad. and you even try to look that perfect, but you agree it can't be true. you know why? because those models on "elle" magazine covers don't look like that in real life. have you heard of photo editer? photo editer is a editer on your computer that can do anything on photos. it can even conceal bags and zits and pimples. and make the hair shiner and smoother (for those hair ads) and even changes skin color and backgrounds and the face. it can change anything, including their own body weight (if their fat, those fancy smancy photo editers can you thinner! so i wouldn't belive those diet ads...) so if you thought they were real and not edited, you got tricked! so, a picture can say a million words, it can lye and tell the wrong words. so, try and buy those photo workshop things, plug it in your computer, take one of your worst photos of your worst face, and edit it until your face on the photo makes you look like a goddess.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

don't squeal TOO much....

this is the cutest video ever of deer and cat. its so sweet, the cat is grooming the deer!! i got it from a friend who sent it to me, so i uploaded it here so we can all watch it. enjoy!!!

restaurant finder: chipotle

chipotle, one of the best mexican restaurants. it has salad bowls, burritos, and tacos. plus, it is for both vegetarians and meat-eaters. so it can be good for anyone! it has everything, drinks and all. so you don't have to worry about not getting what you want. you can get chopped tomatoes, corn (chopped, not a whole ear), and everything, including rice and beans. so, if you want good mexican food, then go there.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

makeup lessons: creamy lipsticks

creamy lipsticks sounds pretty odd. and your wondering what creamy lipstick feels like or smells like, or tastes like. well, it tastes the same and smells the same, but creamy lipstick feels different. and the texture is different. the texture is different because its lighter, and softer. creamy lips also look different, because all of the colors for creamy lipsticks look lighter and softer, even the dark colors. so thats why its called creamy lipsticks!