Friday, May 15, 2009

the best toe pads

ouch pouch jr small

not the best for professional dancers, but good for beginners. has soft gelly inside, and outside a soft stretch fabric. 2 per pads. bunheads. one size fits all. lasts a long time. great for smaller or wider feet for those who only want to be cushioned.

feather lites gel toe pads
includes two colored toe pads (purple and pink). soft and gelled. perfect for comfort, but if you want to feel the floor with your foot, then these are the best ones. these are thin and at the same time supporting enough for sore and blistered toes and heels. and, you don't need alot of bandaids, thus one of the best toe pads. may not last long, but worth buying them! size: adult (one size fits all).

pillows for pointes lamb's wool curl
soft and full of comfort, these toe pads are one of the best! lamb's wool curl toe pillows. all sizes small, medium, and large. by company pillows for pointes. these are the ones i wear. their soft, comfortable, supportive, and, they let you feel the floor, which is very important to do.

so now you've got some good brands to try, and use forever if their good. and before now,
you thought toe pads weren't that important!!!!!!! and anyway, good luck on pointe, for those beginners who've first tried being on pointe.


Anonymous said...

oh thank you so much i've haven't decidedd on what toe pads i should use then i came along to your post, thanks alot for this post, its helpful!

Anonymous said...

just saying hate featherlite, leos, or any gel ones but ♥ ouch pouch jr.