Wednesday, May 6, 2009

the truth about photo editers

in the , there are these magazines, and the models look perfect. no bags under their eyes, no pimples, no zits, and nothing that looks bad. and you even try to look that perfect, but you agree it can't be true. you know why? because those models on "elle" magazine covers don't look like that in real life. have you heard of photo editer? photo editer is a editer on your computer that can do anything on photos. it can even conceal bags and zits and pimples. and make the hair shiner and smoother (for those hair ads) and even changes skin color and backgrounds and the face. it can change anything, including their own body weight (if their fat, those fancy smancy photo editers can you thinner! so i wouldn't belive those diet ads...) so if you thought they were real and not edited, you got tricked! so, a picture can say a million words, it can lye and tell the wrong words. so, try and buy those photo workshop things, plug it in your computer, take one of your worst photos of your worst face, and edit it until your face on the photo makes you look like a goddess.

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