Thursday, April 30, 2009

how to wear: jumpsuits

 jumpsuits can be worn  any time, any day. but is also a bit of a tough item, too. first of all, it is most of the time bulky, not a good thing for those who needed to wear these to make their body more flattering. plus, it comes in hard sizes, but, most of all, it can be chic. how to wear it flatteringly chic, wear alot of jewelry! it gives even a plain solid colored jumpsuit a bit of rich-ness. one of the best thing of flattering your jumpsuit is: belts. the best belts are thin and leather. the best color for a jumpsuit is: 
if its a red jumpsuit: dark dark brown belt
purple jumpsuit: light caramel 
pink jumpsuit: white belt
yellow jumpsuit: light brown belt
black jumpsuit: black or white belt
and, belts can be untied and put in your purse. earrings are good too for tweeking the look of a jumpsuit. gold ,brown, black,silver, or white earrings can be worn with any color of jumpsuit. so if you want to start suits, start jumping! 

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