Saturday, September 12, 2009

Interview with Painthead

Here is a interview i gave to a popular user called Painthead. here is her profile:

How did you find polyvore? did a friend suggest it, or did you find it yourself?

I found polyvore by googling "CANDY BUFFET" i was planing my candy party and was looking for info and then i saw these collages with candy, but i did not join poly right away. I did when again i was googling Betsey Johnson and saw more "sets" then i got curious and joined. and i love it so much, lol

Was it hard at the beginning, or was it a piece of cake?

Oh i loved it right away..especially figuring out how to use it. I was in here for 5 months when my sets started to get "noticed". I honestly thought that my sets were too "crazy" and not fit but i never compromised who i am to be liked or to have people come around. I remind myself this day i am still me. I think that is what makes my set be noticed.

When did you get popular?

I was five months into poly..this set was my first one to go on the popular section I still remember because i thought it was cool that people appreciated what came out of my

Did any of your friends get on polyvore?

No none of my Real life Pals know about poly, i kinda like to have something to myself, where i don't know people in real life, LOL

Did anyone HATE your sets?

Um at times i get people who HATE or make fake pages and write nasty comments on my sets. I block those people because it's a waste of time and i am not in polyvore for stuff like that. At times you find out it's someone who you know in here that made the fake page and did that to you. So it's pretty sad. Other then that, if people really hate my sets, they won't say it, LOL!

When did people start joining your groups?

um i have no idea, first it was small like 2oo people. Now i have 1,167 i's growing and i think people join depending on the contest i have. Or people just love sweets like i do..*laughs*

When did you add your sets to your blog?

LOL funny question because for a while i could never figure out how to add sets to a BLOG, hahahahha until i asked a pal in here...I think that was about 7-9 months ago..i think, but i like to also feature other sets

Did you make new new friends on polyvore that you never met?

Yes i actually have a Good best guy friend who i meet in poly..he doesn't log in as much, but we keep in touch through email and IM...He is the best and a male version of me. And Also her She is a good pal, who i can trust. then MusicFanatic and Articangel. There are a few others who i would love to keep in touch if i ever stop coming to poly for whatever reasons....

did you have a fight with your polyvore friends?

NO i never got into a fight with a poly friend, but i have become friends with two people who i once had a disagreement with

Are you planning to leave or stay on polyvore?

um i plan on keeping up in POLY...i think this site is great for anyone who is into the fashion world or is thinking of a career in it! It's the best place to learn about trends, designers and keep updated on current fashion MUST HAVE"s....i don't follow trends myself, but i think it is important to know them if wanting to work in fashion. I will stay here in Poly as long as i can!❤✿ No plans on leaving.

Thank you painthead for letting me interview you!! i love your sets, they are F-A-B!!!

Here are her fabulous sets,

Bad Artist's Copy!
Bad Artist's Copy! by ❤✿PaintHead featuring GAP
Below is her very first set, she was good all the way to the beginning!

Thank you Painthead for making fabulous sets, and i'm glad that you are going to keep making those sets of your's!


❤✿PaintHead said...

❤✿❤✿aweeeee, looks awesome, thank you so much!!!! That was your to sweet and darling!
Your blog rocks and keep it up!

Again thank you for the interview...oxoxoxo

twinkle toes said...

thank you!!!

NotJustAnotherBrickInTheWall said...

so awsome! love PaintHead!

twinkle toes said...

me too! she makes soo awesome sets!

moose ; said...

GOOSE!...awwwwww i swear your amazing! <3

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, darling, simply marvelous! i love this interview, how perfectly placed this interview is!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, darling, simply marvelous! i love this interview, how perfectly placed this interview is!