Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Destroyed jeans: now finally popular?

Now i see more and more sets of destroyed jeans on polyvore and more reviews of these fabulous jeans. so, are they finally popular? well, i guess so. since now the fall is coming up, and the new year is tick-tocking away. chances are that baggy jeans are out of the fashion world, and these kind of jeans are sliding in the spotlight. why? because they not only look fabulous, and perfect for everything, they also show a little bit of street style, but not being to much of a street gal jeans. if you don't have the money to buy destroyed jeans (They are more expensive then normal jeans) then buy a normal pair of jeans, and then cut the holes yourself! its easy! although, they're are some bad reasons for getting these denim beauties:
1. they can get ripped, be sure if you buy a pair to be careful of things that could rip them
2. they can show too much skin, be sure to get a pair that doesn't have alot of holes. if they don't have enough, then cut some more holes
3. if they have bad fabric, then you should maybe not buy them. usually if their bad in the beginning, they will get worse. be careful.
4. find the pair that flatters your body. some times destroyed jeans can unflatter your body, if you get them loose or comfortable feeling, then they will bag up and sag, unflattering your body
5. make sure to make a laundry load wisely. be sure it doesn't destroy the jeans more. search online for tips and if you should make a extra load for just them.. be careful!
6. be stylish. but not too much. if you add too much belts and shirts and jackets, it will make it look cheap. so be careful!

Okay, those are the top 6 tips that you should always know about destroyed jeans. below are some fabulous sets featuring destroyed jeans:

To find more inspiration, then go to polyvore and search "Destroyed jeans". until then, get destroyed!

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