Saturday, September 5, 2009

Interview with Nordstrom worker

This interview is fun. this woman was brunette and seemed to love her job! so i just gave her a interview. Nordstrom i think is expensive, but fun to roam around in. The Nordstrom cafe has some good treats. get lunch there!

why did you get the job?

well i wanted the job because it sounded fun. i didn't want a single store, like with one designer or company. like GAP or something. i wanted to work in a store with different designer clothing. i was getting frantic trying to find a shop like Nordstrom, then my best friend looked in a Nordstrom magazine. and she said "[name not to be told], i'm holding your dream job" and she smiled.

do you love or hate some of the designer clothing?

Um, yes i love most of them. but some of them i hate. like this pink Marc By Marc Jacobs dress. sadly. but i used to hate it, now i really love it! i really L-O-V-E chanel! Nordstrom is perfect to look around while your working

was the thing that your best friend said, "dream job" is really true?

yes, its wonderful. i love being near fashions. and Nordstrom makes it worth it to drive to nordstrom. i love it when i find something really fab, and it gives me ideas. i love Nordstrom!

did you make friends at Nordstrom?

um, no. not really. i'm really polite to people, but i'm kind of knew, so they don't know me enough to trust me. i really love making new friends, but at Nordstrom i have to wait untill i do.

did Nordstrom save something for you?

yes! one time i was chatting with someone, but she said something bad about me, like how i looked like a person who wasen't to be trusted with fashion, right then a costumer zipped to me and said "you look so fashionable! can you ask me if this looks good?!" that person was like a angel to me!

did this job mess up your personal life?

not really. except when i started me and my boyfriend had a big fight. but that wasen't because of the job.

was it hard starting, or was it like a peice of cake?

yes sadly. i was stressful with my boyfriend and me.

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