Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Trench coats: the way they are

So its the beginning of the fall, and everyone is getting ready for it. like buying clothes. so, one
of the best fall coats is The Trench Coat. everyone has them. the most popular color for these coats are, you name it tan. of course, it can be in different colors also. like the destroyed jeans post i made, i'm going to add some tips about trench coats on this post. they can be pretty hard to clean, but they're worth it!
1. make sure to get a trench with a tough fabric, one that doesn't rip. these coats can be pretty weak in fabric.
2. always make sure to wash them after you buy them. they can get lint on them. especially if you got them from a store. people have been touching them!
3. just because they look simple doesn't mean they clean simple. you have to put them on not high, normal on washer. no dryer, because it'll rip. air dry. search google for more information.
4. always always get one that fits you, but one size (or if you're still growing 2 sizes bigger) because even in a month they can get small. especially if you wash them!

There isn't any more tips for trench coats. they're better to care for then destroyed jeans. below are some inspirational polyvore sets below:

Tee contest - congrats to the winners!
Tee contest - congrats to the winners! by Karine Minzon Wilson featuring Giuseppe Zanotti shoes

For more inspiration then go to polyvore and search for "trench coats". and go buy some trench!


Eric said...

Incredible outfits. This just goes to show that trench coats really do go with anything, casual or dressy. Great looks!

Rahaf said...

I loved The coats!

Stephanie Mutinda said...

I love the collections. Totally awesome!!!