Friday, March 27, 2009

1950's ads: the corny ones

ok, so. you've seen the 1950's ads, right? aren't they corny? i mean, some say "butter so good, you'll say top of the morn'in!" i mean, who made all that up? i now, some like the ads, but, even the fans have to agree, they are kind of well, 1950's. of course, look at the tv ads, those are even more corny! (by the way, does anyone know what corny means? it means that its funny, in a odd way, well, it means chicken, well, i don't know) anyway, go to to look at 1950s ads. they don't have the really corny ones, but they have enough to pour your head out in a platter and makes you think "wow, if these aren't the real corny ones, then the really corny ones are worse!" go ahead, and enjoy.

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