Monday, March 9, 2009

my kind of holiday

this is my kind of holiday: a fun, exciting, "bright lights big city" city, with lots of people, clean, not too noisy, rainy or sunny but not alot of snow. a big apartment pad with a sleek kitchen, cozy bedroom, and in the country, a big mansion. a business building where i design, create, reherse runways, and do anything fashion. in weekends i go in the country to enjoy two days of relaxing stuff. thats MY kind of holiday. speaking of holidays, have you watched "the holiday"??? its so funny, and sweet, and sad, and everything love-ly in between.
very nice. you gotta rent it one time if you haven't watched it, its nice. comment to tell what you think!! thanks alot.

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Anonymous said...

i love all your posts, they are great. nice holiday