Tuesday, March 10, 2009

cute honey bee chocolate

these are cute bee chocolates from "john & keira's" chocolate online store. we ordered them, and now their all eaten!! outside its chocolate, but inside its honey-like caramel. its devine and very very filling!!! we also had truffles (shaped like a box) with yummy flavors like strawberry (made from organic strawberries), coffee (i think, or maybe its esspresso), ginger, and lavender honey (there are many more, the lavender honey is my fave) anyway, here are some pictures of the cute honey bees, and, there are ladybugs too. they are cute, they are red instead of striped black and honey. anyway, thanks for reading!!!

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twinkle toes said...

they tasted SO good, i ate alot until i almost got sick!! order some yourself and try it, its very good!!