Monday, March 23, 2009

beauty tips for a club night look

eyes should be bright and fun, no soft in here! like a purple with silver, or green with sparkly hot pink, or be a crazy fun person and have a rainbow of colors!
should be black, no matter what color your eyelashes really are
lips should have a bright flash! effect on everyone who comes near to see your face. best colors are hot red, mongo pink, and shy tan (for those who are a bit shy for showing some color!)
eyebrows must be light and a bit like a flash effect also. the best color is brown, but never black, won't match the lips and eyes.
blush should be either soft, or bright and flashy. if soft, colors suitable are light dusty pink or skintone. if flashy, a hot pink or a peachy red.
well, those are the tips to a fab look for clubb'in out. please comment!

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