Sunday, March 8, 2009

audrey hepburn in sabrina

have you seen sabrina? its a lovely movie. starring audrey hepburn. i love it. the best thing is she goes to paris:) its about
a girl named sabrina who loves a boy named david (and he doesn't even know shes even there) she tries to kill herself, but david's older brother saves her. she goes to paris to learn cooking at cooking school for a year. when she comes back, she is noticed by david, that is like heaven to sabrina. but, david puts glasses in his pant's pocket (which is on his bum!) and he sits on it, which cuts his skin, and has to sit for a week. sabrina and david's brother (linus) entertains her by dates and musicals and dinners. soon she becomes slightly in love with him and learns more about him. and the end, they fall in love. pretty romantic, huh? post soon

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