Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fashion spotlight: jeans

Have you ever wondered as you are looking at your jeans if these make you look fat? and did you ever know that women say "do these make me look fat?" more times then men? i bet you haven't. and if you were looking at these jeans, that "... make me look fat?" thing is over for your jeans. these are boot-cut length jeans, and are from the same shop where i found them, and i know that these are a bit expensive, but there worth it. just keep them clean and they'll be fine. so, just keep reminding yourself that, you won't look fat in these. in fat, these make your legs longer, so that is a extra gold star to your pro-con list. so, keep shopping, and don't ask anyone who doesn't know you this: "do these make me look fat?" and don't try diets and eat non-fat yogurt, i tried too, but it never worked...............

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