Sunday, March 15, 2009

juicy couture fashion

the juicy couture ads, are, quite non- life true. its a dream like fashion. what kind of fashion do they make, anyway?! i mean, on their ads they have women in ball gowns. do they sell ball gowns, or something? i think they only sell perfume. well, thats my suggestion. you can't walk around the streets wearing a ball gown, in less your pumpkin didn't work, so you had to walk to the ball!! got suggestions? please comment!


Robert said...

I have to agree that couture "ball gowns" are not that practical. I dont think much couture is practical. Its more like an art statement if anything.

Anonymous said...

i would totally walk down the street in a ball gown!

Anonymous said...

omg !! hey, i just love juicy couture. their fashions and designs are so damn cool. i loikee !! :D