Sunday, March 8, 2009

ballet: what it really feels like

i love ballet, its so cool. i'm studying ballet, so i know the steps,
every year on december, i play roles in the nutcracker. it makes you feel very pretty. i'll post later. i don't know why, but, when your on the stage (or doing something in class) you don't feel the pain, but when you stop, you begin to feel the pain, and gets stronger and stronger, more stronger if someone told you you were very very bad, because thats the worst kind of pain, it hurts you heart, and your life, and you lose a friend of a freind told you that. here's what the pain feels like: your toes are bleeding and acheing, your muscules are acheing, everything acheing, your head is trobbing, your thinking "was a good, i don't i was" in your head, your sweating, and your costume is hot and stufffy, thats what it feels like. comment to tell what you think.

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree!! You get put down or told off for doing something wrong or badly and sometimes you feel like you should never do ballet again! But some how that music and pointe shoe pain pulls you back to the studio :)