Sunday, March 8, 2009

hello kitty in mac makeup

i love mac makeup's new hello kitty collection, but, here is why they made it:
to make more money. maybe they would make a barbie makeup collection.
i watched the video, its, um, odd. the black kitty goes through a hole and becomes a woman?? i did not get that. and the men with the black hello kitty heads are REALLY funny, not artistic. why in the world would i watch that video again! but, the makeup names are prettty cute. i mean, who doesn't like hello kitty??? to go
and watch the video, go too and go to either makeup collection, (there is a hello kitty mild, and a hello kitty wild collection) then below the picture, click, "watch video" and it shows the video, watch it and comment to me to show how you feel!

- xoxo twinkle toes

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