Saturday, March 14, 2009

world's cutest kitten

WARNING: Deadly cute! Continue reading if you dare!

Fashionably Cute is happy to introduce a Japanese superstar that Cuteoverload would absolutely die for. It’s Memebon, possibly the world’s cutest kitten.

Memebon is a girl. She was born very tiny and looked like Yoda, but had an extremely expressive face, which promised a great career in modeling:

However Yoda is no relation. Memebon has a kitty mother:

And a kitty father:

Now she has grown and up looks like this (still cute):

Memebon’s website is in Japanese, but that shouldn’t be an obstacle for cuteness fans ;)

Memebon (or quite possibly her owner) writes a blog (in Japanese) documenting the life of her family, she has also published two super-kawaii photo books, sold on Amazon Japan: Memebon and We Love Meme.

i copied and pasted the photos and stuff from (thats the link) comment if you wish (it is deadly cute!)


Anonymous said...

Boy, oh Boy, oh BOY! is that a CUTE kitten. I could just EAT HER UP. She makes me squeal every time I see those pictures!!!!
Thanks for posting such cuteness.

twinkle toes said...

well, your welcome!