Thursday, June 4, 2009

the best music singers

okay, so i'm making a list of the best music artists, and my faves. i hope they would be your faves too:
Frank Sinatra:
a very good jazz singer. if you love romantic jazzy songs, then he's the best for that. he also makes great christmas songs as well. he was a 1950's jazz singer, i don't think he is alive, or is he?? anyway he just makes alot of good jazz songs, good for cocktail parties and stuff, just really cool.

Britney Spears:
okay, not the best role model (since she shaved her head) but she makes REALLY good songs, i think. have you ever heard of "toxic", "opps i did it again", and "if you seek amy"?? they are super-cool songs. as music "critic" on this post, i do think she is #1 for song listening i do think she's the best. and, her music videos are cool, so watch her music videos also!

Lady Gaga:
she is the BEST of all pop singers. okay, "poker face"??? no one could sing that better then her. okay, maybe her personal life (not her song) is getting a bit crazy (why does she wear leotards in public?) but, i am a fan of her music, and i love her bow of hair! its cute, crazy... but cute. anyway, listen to her music, watch her music videos, and just gasp... she is a great singer.

Beyonce Knowels
okay, she is the top singers #3. since she made "halo" sound beautiful and "all the single ladies" refreshing and fun, she deserves the credit. i love most of her songs, and her music videos are nice and like short films. (ever watched the music video "if a were a boy"? oh! so touching!) anyway, i think she is a good singer (not higher then Lady Gaga, but close). she deserves to be in the top 3.

anyway, if i find anymore that seem interesting, then i'll post them. intil then, ta-ta!

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