Thursday, December 24, 2009

Vera Wang: Glam-er Princess Perfume

Make me Glam-er then glam!

Ladies and gentlemen, we present the new Vera Wang Glam Princess perfume!
It smells amazing, and the bottle looks so pretty. Make sure to buy it soon when
it comes to stores near you! Make sure to try the current Vera Wang princess
perfume .

The Bottle Beauty-ness
The bottle is in a yellow gold with purple stars. The cap on top is a golden crown
has the special jewels on it. Very different then the Vera Wang Princess, which is
light lavender with a slightly different kind of crown (Different colored jewels)
I love the new Glam Princess bottle. It looks so pretty, although i do like Vera Wang
Princess the bottle.

Below are some beautiful sets on Polyvore featuring Vera Wang Glam Princess