Monday, August 9, 2010

Lady GaGa makes ballerinas smile

Lady GaGa on Pointes 
           I found this very nice, Lady GaGa on pointe shoes :) well I always thought  
           somehow she would put on a pair of satin shoes and stand on them. I always
          thought GaGa would be a good dancer. She's expressive, she has the dancer
           "charm", and if she could perform her hit music video "Telephone" feat. Beyonce,
          then she can at least do the Dying Swan. But she went into the music world and
            became as famous as can be! Rihanna also followed the footsteps of wearing
          pointe shoes in her music video, "Umbrella" feat. Jay.Z (she wasn't on pointe
            like Sylvie Guillem , but its still on pointe, below is a picture of her with black
          pointe shoes (Rihanna, not Sylvie)

Rihanna in "Umbrella" 
          So I posted this randomly because A. I haven't been on my blog, and  B. 
           I thought this was interesting :) :) will post soon bye bye <3


Marie Louise said...

very cool!! I especially like LADY GAGA in pointes!! cool

Moi said...

fasinating blog...very much what Im looking at too! Great to see what you put on! As a former classical ballet dancer myself all this really interests me! :-)

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