Friday, July 24, 2009

makeup: flashy, bright, stylish!!

Makeup can be soft, and barely there, but it its perfect when its bright, fun, and flashy. below are the tips and tricks to bright flashy makeup:

  1. make sure to have bright colors, its better that way
  2. always have a clean face before you apply makeup
  3. have lipliner on your outter line of your lips, it would make your lips plumper
  4. look for inspiration. look at google images, magazines, read books, inspiration is everywhere, even from someone else that you know
  5. be smart. don't get products that make your skin have a rash. make a list on the worst companies that look bad on you, or makes you sick. makeup is fun, but also danger-worthy
  6. have a keen eye of color. get colors that look good on your skin, it would be also good to have a sample of each color of each item that looks good at the mall or beauty shops.
That's mostly it. just make sure to get things in shiny and glossy looks!! and make sure to have colors. bright, flashy makeup is about bright flashy colorful colors. good luck, and have fun!! (if you have any other makeup questions, please comment)

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