Saturday, August 22, 2009

Polyvore set - white ballerina contest set

Hello hello!
So sorry i haven't been on in awhile. i've just been on polyvore. if you want to know more about polyvore, then go here:, okay, well, i've added on this post a set of mine for a contest in a group called "polyvore ballet" the contest is that you have to make a set with 50 items, and it has to be a ballet set. so, even though sometimes that 50 items aren't enough, this time it felt like hours to make it! i mean, i had to find items and everything. so, above is the pic of the set. if you have a account on poly, then my username is "ballet dreams" and i have a buddy pic of a eiffle tower with cursive letters all over it. anyway if you have a account on polyvore please fave this set! and enjoy the pic!

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